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Cryptex Escape Room – Everything starts with a dose of mystery

Nobody knows exactly what to expect in the instant he steps, alongside his friends, family or work colleagues, in an Escape Room! Even if they might have taken part in this sort of games, or other different types of escapes from an escape room, from the moment you step in a Cryptex room, the suspense starts dripping.

At first, it drips slowly, because you’re still in the phase of getting familiar with your enemy. No, your main enemy is not the room you have been closed in alongside your most trusted team. Your number one enemy is time. The 60 seconds that you have at your disposal, transform the sand glass of suspense into a real sandstorm, as seconds fade away.

The mystery is waiting for you! It’s present in every corner of the Cryptex escape room! From the moment you infiltrated in this universe you must forget everything you knew about the comfort you live day by day or the time you always manage to have on your side, with periods that can be extended as desired.

This is the quest only for the best!

Only for those who know that their team is the single most important thing! Only the minds connected at the micro universe in which they are placed are those who will conquer. Only the details that will prove to be paramount will count as important. Then and only then, after you add a bit of determination, a little understanding and a shred of logic, your chances will noticeably rise, because there are people who have proven that you can escape in a lot shorter period of time than the first established 60 minutes, with just a little dash of collective ambition.

2 teams, 1 escape

It seems hard to believe, but there is the possibility of 2 rival teams, fighting with time, at the end of which only 1 team will win. Through the concept of twin rooms, the teams have from the very beginning the same chance of winning. As time passes by, it gets harder and harder for one team to keep up with the other, the roles tangle and untangle, and after a harrowing race for survival, in the end, only one team wins it all.

The seconds already started dripping in the sand glass!