Halloween party at Cryptex Escape Room and Art&Hobby Studio

Art and Hobby Studio and Cryptex Escape Room team together to organize the most interesting events which will get you ready for Halloween.

We invite you at 3 creative workshops, with 6 decorated escape rooms, candies and pumpkin pies.
The themed Halloween workshop can have place at your location, also at ours on str. Occidentului nr.33, sector 1.
Art and Hobby Studio offers you 3 themed workshops, where you can have fun modeling or carving pumpkins and create jar lanterns under the guidance and with the help of our artists for the most spookiest night of the year.

You wanted to carve pumpkins like in the movies, but  you didn’t knew how to start or how to do it? No problem! We have an workshop in which we will teach you the craftsmanship of pumpkin carving.

Halloween pumpkin carving workshop

Halloween pumpkin carving workshop 31-10-2017

Children and parents will team up to carve and create the spookiest pumpkins under the guidance and help from our plastic artist. We give you all the necessary materials so you can make the most original and beautiful pumpkin which you will decorate your garden or house for the Halloween night.

You wish to light up the house for Halloween night with joyful lanterns or terrifying ones?
We have a workshop which will help you. All the materials are provided by us, you just come in good mood and together we will transform some simple jars in some impressive lanterns
Jar Lanterns workshop 20-10-2017
The teams will create colored lanterns from jars. We will use acrylic colors, string, sparkle and other accessories, and in the end we will test their “functionality” with some scented candles.

  • Modeled pumkins

    Monsters, pumpkins, angels and fairies you can model and paint them to bring creativity, originality and joy with the occasion of Halloween. We put up all the necessary materials, and our artists will help you with tips, guidance and ideas to make some original pieces.
    Halloween: modeling workshopThe teams will create pumpkins, monsters from modeling paste. We will use modeling paste non-toxic, non-irritating, fun to model and easy to clean up at the end.

  • Escape Room


In the last weekend in the October, Cryptex Escape Room awaits you with 6 rooms full of mistery, bats, ghosts, pumpkin pies, candies and other surprises from dusk till dawn.

If you come in disguise you will get 25% off from the room price.

For bookings or more details contact us at info@cryptex.ro or 0787.889.665


Petreceri aniversare la Cryptex Excape room

Birthday party with mystery and creativity

petreceri aniversare

Cryptex Escape Room and Art & Hobby Studio offers you some activities which suit’s for a birthday party:

  1. Escape Room – 45lei/ personCryptex Escape Room awaits you with 6 rooms, 4 scenarios, 2 versus rooms and an Escape From Mansion. The key to success: teamwork among the team, wits, analytical thinking and lots and lots of fun.
  2. Graffiti workshop – 50lei/person
    We will use the graffiti technique to create amazing paintings with the theme: GALAXY. With the help of spray cans and the guidance of our plastic artist we will give shape to the planets, stars, lights and shadows.
  3. T-Shirt painting workshop – 50lei/personGuided by our artist, every participant will make a painted t-shirt in special waterproof colours. The model will be picked by the participant so it will perfectly match with his/hers personality .
  4. Board Games – 20lei/personWith our friends from Creative Board Gaming the participants will enjoy an evening with board games for everybody: strategy, builder or party. This kind of activities makes the communication between members which don’t know each other much easier. We can host contests with surprise prizes!

We have a protocol room and a terrace(if is nice outside) where the kids can serve snacks and cake.

For custom offers you can contact us at info@cryptex.ro or by phone at 0787.889.665.