Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2

The door closes with a shivery sound behind you! In the background, you hear the edgy crackling of the latch. Will you be able to escape? Your only chance is your team. Will you be able to trust it? Come alongside your friends and test your limits at the only escape game with twin rooms. Break down in two teams and we challenge you to escape from the 2 Anonymous rooms. Which is the escaping team?

The story is full of mystery. R. Cypher is a member of the Anonymous group, the secret organization that fights for the protection of the citizen’s freedom. Because Cypher is permanently watched by the police, you have to help him to retrieve the code sequence, the one that you and your friends must find in order to escape from the mysterious room. Your mind, your ingenuity and your reactions in outstanding situations are the only things that can save you. Are 60 minutes enough?

The Conspiratorial House

The Templars’ Catacombs

You’re out of breath and the room’s air seems colder and colder. You are closed in the place where J. Lockwood, professor in the art of numbers and symbols, has disappeared without any trace. In The Conspiratorial House you must find all the clues that lead to the elucidation of the mysterious story behind the enigmatic disappearance. Be a true detective and use all your senses toward one goal: escape from The Conspiratorial House!

Engulfed in a cloak of mystery, the catacombs hide secrets in many places and solving them will reveal many clues. Find the treasure and escape in 60 minutes! The Knights Templar managed to hide it in the place where the last great master took his vow. Reveal the treasure buried centuries ago in the depths of the Catacombs with the help of the clues they left behind before being captured.

The Vatican Archives 1

The Vatican Archives 2

The Vatican Archives amaze you by the exquisite combination between the refinement of the old style and the polished new style. In here, the time has not stood still and the technology hides secrets made forgotten by some people. Unravel the most hidden mystery of the Vatican. Your adventure is about to begin... The location of the Vatican Archives has been found discovered by J. Lockwood and the key is the code discovered by R. Cypher. Step into the world where the old unites with the new and the mysteries seem impossible to solve.

A secret is not only it a mystery, but it also calls the memories of other deeper secrets behind it. The two friends get into a world full of technologically and culturally traps, trying to unravel deep hidden secrets. Help those two using all your solving mysteries skills. Any move you make is closely watched and every fault has its consequences. The noise tracers and the laser radars will make it difficult for you to escape.