What is an escape room?

A “real life escape room” is and real world adventure game, in which people are closed inside a room, alongside their friends, with whom they have to follow clues and use objects from inside the room in order to solve puzzles and enigmas, and escape from the room in good time.

What does the Cryptex experience means to you?

As the name points itself, the Cryptex concept has in store a few mysterious rooms, created with your abilities in mind. You have only one hour to be taken aback by our story, in which you will find clues, you will solve puzzles, and you will use your intuition, only to enjoy, in the end, the satisfaction of your successful escape.

Who can participate in this kind of activity?

Our audience is a large one, beginning with the age of 14, who can enter in the room we designed for both teenagers and adults. A new feature consists in a playful and relaxing activity for kids, who now have the opportunity to stimulate, train and evolve their imagination. The only mandatory request is the presence of an adult, who should accompany the little one (at least 7 years old).

What if we cannot solve a puzzle?

During your fight with time, which is your number one enemy, a member of our team will follow your activity using a surveillance camera (which will not record anything) and you can ask for hints which might guide you towards a solution.

How many persons can join the great escape?

At Cryptex – Rooms Escape, the rooms are designed for a number of 2-5 persons. We also have competition types of sceneries, so that groups of up till 10 persons can join. 

What is the price you put on having fun?

The room’s fee depends on the number of persons who participate at one game. You can find more details in the Prices section.

What period of time is necessary for the access in the room?

You will stay in the room for exactly 60 minutes. Before the escape room experience you will have to join a short tutorial, which is enough reason for you to be with at least 15 minutes sooner than the booked period of time.