Catacombele templierilor

The Templars’ Catacombs

Engulfed in a cloak of mystery, the catacombs hide secrets in every step of the way and solving them will reveal the spot of the treasure.

Find the treasure and escape in 60 minutes!

The adventure of the two friends, J. Lockwood and R. Cypher, reached its peak. After they unravelled the Vatican mysteries, their research took them to their final destination: The Templars’ Catacombs.

Here they guide you and your team to follow the thread of history and to find reveal the Templars’ secret treasure.

Catacombele templierilor

Deep in the ground, the Knights Templar used to carry on with their activities, and they spent a period of time constructing underground strongholds hard to access where they kept valuable information. Chased and banished by the Pope, the Knights Templar managed to hide their most precious treasure in the place where their last grand master, Jacques de Molay, took his vow.

Discover the treasure buried for centuries in the depths of the Catacombs guided by the clues the Templars left before being captured.

Be the hero! Choose the story:

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