Arhivele Vaticanului

The Vatican Archives

The Vatican Archives amaze you by the exquisite combination between the refinement of the old style and the polished new style.

In here, the time has not stood still and the technology hides secrets made forgotten by some people. Unravel the most hidden mystery of the Vatican.

Your adventure is about to begin...

The location of the Vatican Archives has been found discovered by J. Lockwood and the key is the code discovered by R. Cypher.

Arhivele VaticanuluiStep into the world where the old unites with the new and the mysteries seem impossible to solve. A secret is not only it a mystery, but it also calls the memories of other deeper secrets behind it.

The two friends get into a world full of technologically and culturally traps, trying to unravel deep hidden secrets. Help those two using all your solving mysteries skills. Any move you make is closely watched and every fault has its consequences. The noise tracers and the laser radars will make it difficult for you to escape.

Be the hero! Choose the story:

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The conspiratorial house
Vatican Archives 1
Vatican Archives 2
Templars catacombs
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