Terms and conditions

Before actually entering the rooms, we advise you to arrive sooner that the confirmed timeframe, with at least 10 minutes sooner, in order to join the short tutorial we have prepared for you, regarding the game and your safety.

The designed rooms for the room escape concept do not have dangerous elements or objects that might affect the safety or health of the participants. Any voluntary or involuntary, physical or psychological action of the participants during the event is strictly their responsibility.

The event is based on logic and intuition, so it doesn’t require any special knowledge. Furthermore, finding solution to the puzzles does not require forcing any object, or tampering with the heat, surveillance or electrical systems.

For your own safety, there are objects with the „DO NOT TOUCH” warning tag on them, so that you know that opening or touching them is not required. When you find this warning tag, you should know that it is not a part of finding the solution.

Damaging the objects or products from inside the room, during the event, or during any time, will be supported in full by the participant in cause, for replacing or repairing fees. Because this concept was thought in the spirit of a team, every person that is part of the team and is present in the moment of damaging is responsible and will have to contribute equally in case of damaging objects or products inside the room.

Access is permitted for those above the age of 14, without any age limit higher up. For children who are aged less than 14, the presence of an adult, either parent or tutor, is mandatory.

The period of time designed for the event is exactly one hour, and it doesn’t matter if the solution was found or not. If you enter the room, no refund will be accepted, under any circumstances.

I declare on my own responsibility that I will respect the instructions and that I will not endanger my physical or psychological health, or other participants’.

I understand that the objects inside the room should not be treated with violence, because any voluntary or involuntary damage will be supported by me. Furthermore, any replacing or repairing fees will be my responsibility, as a participant.

The event is not recommended for persons with various physical or psychological problems, or for pregnant women. I declare the participation at this event, against all recommendations, my responsibility.

I understand and respect the decision of interrupting the Escape Room game, in any moment of time during the booking, by the organisers, if they feel that the requirements for a safe game, from Terms and Conditions or the tutorial, were violated.

I understand that during the game, the activities will be observed through a video and audio surveillance system.

SC. CRYPTEX Europe SRL takes upon itself the whole responsibility of using these recordings only for the good developing of the game, without making them public in any media, without the consent of the participants.

I understand that the participation fee will not be refunded under any circumstances linked with the early termination of the game because of the participants’ attitude or actions.

I declare that I understand the concept and the content of the Escape Room event, which are the intellectual propriety of SC CRYPTE EUROPE SRL, and I will not reveal the elements used inside the Rooms and I would not use them to obtain financial ground.

I declare I will not reveal, under any circumstances, directly in the online media or through middlemen, details regarding finding clues or solving the puzzles, understanding that in this case I will suffer the consequences of my actions, through which I have brought reputation lesions to the intellectual propriety of SC Cryptex Europe SRL.

We hereby bring into notice the terms and conditions of participation at the Escape Room concept.

By signing this document, the agreement, which consists in respecting the requests and the consequences, is hereby closed.

In the case of refusing to sign this document, the participants will not be allowed to participate at any event organized by Cryptex Europe.
The room access with personal belongings is strictly forbidden. These things will be kept safe in the specially designed spaces till the end of the event.